SBA has four values – Humanity, Curiosity, Energy and Projection


We exist to improve relationships and understanding at work so that an organisation’s objectives can be achieved. We believe that it is impossible to do this without caring for people not only as employees but as human beings. We need to listen to them, respect them and maintain their trust.The same goes for colleagues, clients, prospects and suppliers

SBA can be highly successful without working with people who can make organisational life a misery.


A consultant must combine the guru qualities of an expert in our field with commercial ones and the former demands a natural curiosity not just about our own areas of interest but about life in general.

They must be able to bring to clients, prospects and colleagues fresh insights and information about our subjects and about topics of particular personal interest for those we work with.

Ideas and creative thinking come from an intense desire for information and the search for opportunity. Curiosity is a vital ingredient for all of us. This is the engine of a network driven business.

These insights come from extensive reading, meetings with candidates, competitors, academics, journalists and attending industry events.


However well disciplined we are, a consultants work schedule will always be demanding given the pressures of client service, development, new business, marketing, promotion and improving the fabric of the business. This can often be a long hours occupation.

However, it needs more than physical energy, brainpower and good health and we believe that the nature of our consulting ie the opportunity to change the way organisations work, creates its own source of energy so that what we do is rarely drudgery. If it is then this is not the right place for you.


Attitudes to communications, relationships and leadership at work have changed. In part that has come from socio economic, psychological and regulatory pressures and the realisation among many managers that dependence on the right people is now the point of difference for an organisation. The work by us and others in writing, speaking and commenting has played its part.

The Employer Brand is a big idea but in the wrong hands it can result only in communication statements without addressing the hard realities of real innovation, performance, measurement and inspiring leadership. Having a message to change an industry requires the ability to listen and to influence.

“I understand now that physical courage comes to many young men more easily than some people realise, Moral courage is much harder, more elusive and more important.”

Max Hastings ‘Going to the Wars’