Limpopo Horse Safaris,


It is the guides, grooms, cooks, drivers and cleaners, not just the superb horses, who make this vacation business work successfully for experienced riders from all over the world. It specialises in those who relish riding and seeing game in the isolated Mashatu reserve on the South African and Zimbabwe border. The owners wished to upgrade the employment experience and SBA interviewed every staff member, provided findings and recommendations for action and agreed them with the client. The project finished with a presentation to all employees plus facilitation of a Q & A session. The owners then made commitments to changes in many important elements of the employment experience. This is a good example of a total immersion one visit project which resulted in a substantially improved engagement.

“This process was welcomed because it gave everyone a chance to speak their minds. It has led to positive changes in the way we manage.”

Louise Carelson, joint owner Limpopo Horse Safaris


Limpopo Horse Safaris