Simon Barrow Associates (SBA) provides expert consulting for entrepreneurial businesses in two interconnected fields:

Employer Brand.

Bringing the best of brand management to people at work. That means: research, analysis, insights, innovation, the search for distinctiveness, coherent management of the critical elements and rigorous measurement. Clarity on senior roles and relationships are key to all this.

Mergers and Acquisitions.

The torture test for any Employer Brand. Advising on these people related aspects when a merger, acquisition or joint venture is being considered remembering that these critical areas need to be agreed prior to completion of a proposed deal. Sadly often not the case when there is intense pressure to complete a transaction — which can mean a deal turns to dust.

Good EB management is based on clarity of direction, clarity of roles, quality of systems, quality of colleagues and richness of opportunity. Those are the building blocks of what makes a real Employer Brand – much more than a set of worthy statements on a website.

“Rules are not necessarily sacrosanct, principles are.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt