Teneo Blue Rubicon

Teneo partners with the CEOs and senior leaders of the world’s largest companies, institutions and governments to provide strategic counsel across their most complex issues. It is one of the largest strategic advisory practices, employing over 700 people in 14 offices.

The largest of these is Teneo Blue Rubicon, London where the New York based Teneo bought Blue Rubicon and also the consultancies Stockwell and Pendomer. In 2018 the London management saw the opportunity to assess this combination of brilliant skills in order to ensure a truly distinctive, compelling and united team. A proven, integrated approach enables the firm to help clients anticipate, prioritise, avert and surmount great challenges and achieve profound transformations.

SBA were engaged to interview all senior London executives, and work with the leadership on the indicated action which emerged. This was SBA’s 41st M&A related assignment.

‘Nothing has to be broken before a project like this is justified. The people at the top of this business are strong and driven individuals and getting the help of trusted independent advisers to help fine tune how we work best together made good sense.’

– Gordon Tempest-Hay, Chief Executive, Teneo Blue Rubicon, London