November 15, 2018 | natasha

Simon Barrow’s speech at China’s Best Employers conference Chengdu , 23/24th November 2018

Last year I was asked to speak at this conference and the organisers Zhaopin have invited me to the 2018 event. I shall be presenting the awards from the 31,000 Chinese entries and then giving the key note talk for the conference (there are 800 delegates so far).

‘How Employer Brand management must change’

My messages on employment overall:

On EB management:

I have been asked to take into account a model of China’s new economic theory created by Peking University Social Service Research Centre which recognises the greater influence of employees given their ‘status and discourse power’, the rise of ad hoc partnerships and the ‘intelligent workplace’ thanks to AI.

It is encouraging to see the commitment to EB thinking and the welcome for an understanding, diverse and listening employee experience which underpins this. Management in China clearly see the opportunity for performance improvement.

I doubt that I shall be asked about the application of this line of thought to the role of the citizen as opposed to the employee and there is no evidence to date of any overt influence of one on the other. I shall not be raising this subject.

Let me know if you would like my report on this event and any discussion it may prompt.