January 26, 2017 | Admin

Jim McAuslan becomes an SBA Associate


I am glad to report that Jim McAuslan has become an SBA Associate after fourteen years as CEO and General Secretary of the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA). If a ‘shared society’ is one which will ‘make the system work’ the UK needs more people who can bring out the best from everybody at work and Jim is one of them.

At BALPA he worked with me and Jenny Davenport (also an SBA Associate) as consultants to improve relationships within several airlines where he saw the need for change. These included First Choice and Thomson (later covering their merger), British Airways, CitiExpress, Monarch, GB Airways and British Midland.

Jim advised on the people aspects of mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, changes of CEO, financial crisis and breakdowns in relationships. He learned what to look out for, how to avoid meltdown and what to do should that risk became a reality.

Chris Browne, Chief Operating Office at easyJet, had this reaction to Jim’s move:
“Jim McAuslan is an employer brand adviser to his fingertips and has the great knack of identifying not just the issues and the logjams but finding a way through a problem. He’ll bring reality, innovation and judgement to any management team just as he’s been doing for years in BALPA.”

He is respected for his analytical, problem solving and wide senior management experience (with over 20 CEOs) to improve employee engagement amongst professionals, top teams and relationships with employees. That applies whether or not a union is involved and in my view, he is successful because people at all levels and with different interests absolutely trust him. Jim’s abilities are so relevant to the challenges of 2017 and the continuing tensions at work re globalisation, new trading relationships and engagement across the organisation.

We are planning a reception in London (date TBA) where Jim can speak about his approach, ‘Relationships at Work in 2017.’ Would you like at an invitation? If so email Eugenie Reed at eugenie@simonbarrow.org.uk.