November 11, 2015 | Kelly

Transform Magazine’s Employer Brand Management Conference – 9th December 2015


Real Employer Brand Management — is the hard way the only way?

It is 25 years since Simon created the EB approach aiming to bring the best of brand management to people at work when, after his brand management experience on Knorr and Colgate, he had to face the different challenges of leading a large team.

The EB is now well known (454,000+ Google search results) but he believes it still needs to match the disciplines, measurement and leadership attention of product brand management at its best.

Simon will demonstrate why EB management is a much tougher call and, given current employment issues, will make the case for a significant upgrade. Achieving that will not be easy but the benefits to businesses and their people are considerable — as well as for the career development of those in EB related roles.

For more information about the conference:
Transform Magazine’s Employer Brand Management Conference 2015