Westbourne Communications


Westbourne was founded by ex Sunday Times journalist James Bethell in 2010. It aims to engage and change opinion at local, national and Government level on major issues like the building of the £48bn HS2 railway and the importance of shale gas for the UK on behalf of the onshore energy industry. As the business has rapidly changed from start up to being a powerful new force in public affairs we have helped create the Westbourne Employer Brand based on values which attract outstanding talent eg ‘Work that matters’, roles and relationships to broaden responsibilities, employee listening, creating the HR basics and providing clarity on what the firm is (and is not) in a document we called ‘The Westbourne Way’.

“Simon Barrow knows his stuff in building the employer brand of a rapidly growing business — we have become a more professional employer”

James Bethell, CEO and Founder


Westbourne - change opinion